Amplified Return Tops - Official News

(Amplified) #1

What started out as a dream, has become a reality.

I present to you, Amplified Return Tops! We are a yoyo company dedicated to meeting player needs through quality production and sound design.

Our first model, the Shout, is currently being tested by yoyoers all over the country. We aim to release the first production run in late spring or early summer.

Width: 43.5 mm
Diameter: 57 mm
Mass: 66.7 mm
Gap Width: 4.3mm

Follow us on instagram @amplifiedreturntops for future release dates and contest information.

If you have any questions feel free to post or PM. Our email is:

({RTD} alecto) #2



Looks very promising! And I’m glad you got everything worked out and planned before making a post ;D


We think so too. :wink:

(2Sick Joey) #5

Sounds nice! I wish you luck


ooh the shape of this yoyo is something new i like it!


Looks very nice! And I’m happy to see that you guys also had pre productions done before announcing your company, unlike a lot of the newer companies coughGNcough


I like the shape, the rims remind me of my skywalker.


Thanks for all the kind words!

(major_seventh) #10

Looks Great


I really am digging that shape, sorta v shaped shutter catch zone with a Capricorn like cup it looks fantastic if it’s priced well(75$ seems like a good price point) I’d be happy to pick one up. I’m really excited to see new companies emerging. Hey who knows enough popularity and you could make a 7075 version. I’d buy that in a heartbeat


Looks fantastic!


Yup looks awesome. I want to try it.


Do you guys like contests and giveaways?

({RTD} alecto) #15

if your giving away a car i’m in!!


Sorry. No cars. We are planning an Instagram contest for mid-march though.

({RTD} alecto) #17

ooh… thats okay i quess… except i dont have instagram…


That’s okay. There will be future contests on different social platforms that you can enter.


I do not do Instagram either. Please do not count us out for possible purchase or contests.


There will be many contests in the future. There will be a different way to enter each.

Purchases will never involve Instagram.