Amplified Shout

Anyone else here pick one up or at least plan on it?

I’m going to start warming up in this thread. Off the top, in a zone…

Shout Song

If you don’t see what’s up, before the time runs out,
You’ll be out of luck, to get an Amplified Shout.

The colorways are cool, and I liked them all so,
I bought myself a few, the jamboree and a Cosmo.

Who else bought in, yes, no or a maybe?
I supported my forum friend, and his name is GoCrazy’.

I spent a few hundred, because I want him to win,
And, you know how I love the multiples and the twins.

The Shout is well rounded, and it’s a solid player,
Get it now, cause they’re bound to all be gone later.

He posts on the forum, so support your peeps,
Just in case you were asleep, when his throw was released.

Writing lyrics is fun, I hope GoCrazy is listening,
For the next run, how about them YoyoExpert Editions? :wink:

So, don’t forget to help spread the word of mouth,
If you didn’t know before, now you heard…so I’m out.

-Peace. 8)



I wish I had the money to. I will certainly try at a second run if there is one.

Whoa… That end rhyme is profound! #coupletsfordays

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Shipping off first orders today! They should be in there new homes shortly.

I am very interested. Please let me know when/how and what not…

Hey TA nice new signature saw it here first so.

That’s a dream signature.

Thank you MP, maybe I can make you an avatar of some throw I have that you like. Just let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. Do you have a favorite throw?

Next week, I will make a few mini Shouts for the Avatar library too.

Oh nice. My favorits recently have been yoyofactory cyborg 2.0.silver color. And Regen also.

It’s a nice yoyo. If you like the specs, pick one up.

Ugh, I have a black one, and I have an all black Regen too. Let me know if you have a preference. ;D I can work on it.

I can’t wait to get my Shout, so anxious it makes me want to…Shout!

A little bit louder now…

^That’s huge.

Off the top again…to add a line:

“They shipped my new Shouts to Boston, it’s known as Bean Town,
And it got a good review, that’s so cool of Steve Brown.”

One more time…

Pretty awesome when a National Master calls your first production yoyo “nice”.


Any compliment from Steve is huge. (IMO) He does so much for the community.

Shouts are “Out for Delivery” for the first time! I’m so hype.

(This is an odd feeling)

(I like it)

crazy lets keep that feeling going

As long as there is breath in these lungs, that feeling shall persist! :wink:

I got my Shouts today, and put them through the usual new throw photo shoot. They look great! Now, I’m hoping U.S.A. is still in stock when I’m ready to get that one. :wink: by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr

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