NEW Yoyofactory yos!


cool ;D

Looks like the G5, cool!

10 products in 5 weeks…I can’t wait for Tyler’s sig yoyo!!

That is incredible! A metal Velocity. That’s a remake of the 401 sd! Awesome!

They are really taking the splash a bit to far, but this, looks incredible!

I call silver/red! ;D

The 401sd simply looks better than those metal Velocities.

I really wan’t that metal velocity on the far right that seems slightly PGM shaped. :frowning:

We really have to start calling them Adjust-O-Matics.

Not the sd’s just the Velocities.

Metal Velocities with pad recess? DROOLS

I knew that… Not really.

Cool! Can’t wait for the new releases!

Yeah if you check YYF Countdown, it says they are releasing ten.

Thats a lot. o_o

Now let’s count how many we know of:

  1. Adjust-O-Matic
  2. C13
  3. Loop 900
  4. Tyler’s signature
  5. 401sd (I’m not sure if this one counts seeing as it’s not a new design)
  6. Augies signature
  7. Plastic thing

And then I guess Yuuki and John Ando will come with signatures and Kentaro might as well. That brings us up to ten counting with the 401sd.

The design is just the splash. Other than that, nope. :wink:

There are at least 5 more that aren’t on that list :wink:

Wow. That means that I messed up or YYF is bringing more than 10 yoyos out.

Ben you bad boy :stuck_out_tongue: