YoYoFactory's Next 4 fundaMETAL Yo-Yos

Hey guys!

I heard that YoYoFactory is releasing 4 more fundaMETAL Yo-Yos! One of them for sure is black, and is featured on YoYoSkills.Com. They say it is so dark, it is the Batman of Yo-Yos.

4 more fundaMETALS should be comming out from YoYoFactory soon, so look out!

I’ve also heard it from Ben.


Yeah, I know…

Happy Throwing! =]

Calling this Batman is just a crime against The Dark Knight (AKA the Noctu). ILYY got that first.

Ben mentioned that the 4 next metals would be signature models for YYF team players. This might turn out to be huge. I can’t wait to see what this is, not buying it right away though. If YYF comes up with fundaMETAL signatures (which it sounds like they are doing), big things may happen.

This is a great win for affordable high-end metals. It’s so great to see that more companies are trying to make price an important factor.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see them!

More great releases from YYF!

They should Splash the dv888 and the Frantic.

One of them has to be Yoshi’s, he told me a signature series from YoYoFactory would be made for him.

Cool idea, but splash anodizing is getting kind of old.

Pheenix, was the Batman to me?

I was just putting what YoYoSkills.Com said.

What? Splash is so amazing wonderful! It’s so awesomeobility you know what you feeling me! (say that out loud)

HINT: I spend time at YoYoSkills myself.

I really think that all the companies starting to do splash it is getting king of old, its still cool, but doesn’t seem unique.

Ah you got a point I now see. Indeed.
Maybe they could add stars for something! Woot,

Stars would be cool!

I don’t really like splash, either.

It is only for looks, and gives a hyperwarp (excuse my nerd language) look when it spins.

I know what you mean. Very true, and good point. But they splashed the Hectic and all, so I figured… splash the rest.

Ahh Splash hectics. The Aqua and Black splash are ownage.

Those are my favorite, indeed.


Man, I can’t wait to see Miggy’s signature model! (If he has one, that is)

My guess is that the following will be the people getting a custom yoyo:


-Tyler? or Sterling? (If not one of the above.)

John Ando already has a splash SuperStar comming here in about a week. And, he has a SuperStar, a.k.a., his sig. Yo-Yo.

Woo! Splash superstar!

Yuuki has the 888.
John has the Superstar
Augie as the G5+
Miggy needs one.
Tyler Needs one
And Sterling got his own Skyline.

YoYoFactory has already done the star thing, on their Starry Night Skyline and 888.

Splash is cool, but if they splashed EVERY fundametal, then it really changes the whole meaning of the fundametal, right?