new yoyofactory fundametal

i think that yyfs next fundametal should be an 888 withought(spelling?) hubstacks and it should be called the 777 what do you think?

Try to work on your spelling and punctuation. Without, I, YYF’s or YoyoFactory’s, commas…

That sounds like a good one, but there are 888s out there being sold for even $60.

You can just take off the 888 hubstacks :wink:

There are even a version of the G5 called the five5five. 07’ version. The eight8eight without hubstacks? Hmmmmmmm. You can take the hubstacks off the eight8eight already. Do you mean without the little spikes on the sides that put then on? Yeah. I could see that.

But it still originally cost like $110 at least. He is thinking of one that’s in the fundaMetal line, which would make it only cost about $60 or $70.

If it doesn’t have hubstacks it would still be about $100 cuz you just take off something. Its like a plug in toaster, you can buy one for say $50 but if you take off the cord and just buy the toaster ten it would still be about $45.

But what he is talking about is an undersized, rounded yoyo for $65… It would be shaped just like the 888 and play like it but it wouldn’t have the stacks or the name

Yah sorry about that… :-[

i think he’s sorta talking like a dv888.

A DV888 with rounded rims…ish.

There are already 3 fundametal yoyos since the DV888 has come out, what more do you want!?

Greedy kids these days :stuck_out_tongue:

If they made a series of XXX(X= one number), you think they’d go through a 666? Just wonderin’

I want a cheap 888 that’s what!

Buy a used one. :wink:

Guys right now the yo-yo market (or pretty much any market) is shite, you can buy things for 1/2 of what you used to pay ( i am talking like … 8 months ago or so…) Hell, buy a beat up 888 for the 40-70 range ( 45 for the gold one! -,52645.0.html ) or a bgrade in the 30-55 range! The idea behind the fundametal line is to bring you good cheap metal yo-yos. this is a good idea! HOWEVER if you do not mind something used, you can get it for even cheaper. This is no way undermine-ing what YYF has donebut YYF fundametals is not your only choice for a cheap good playing metal. The BST has many used but good cheap metals! Take a look around espically cheap 888s, and other YYF metals. They do not retain there value much because they are mass-produced!

Ever heard of a B-Grade?

The next Fundametal should be Panic…

(FrantIC, HectIC, PanIC [And are semi-synonnyms])


where can you buy B-grades?