Which Fundametal?

Hi everyone, I really want to get a B-grade today at YYE, but I don’t know which to choose.

I think I should get a Dv888, but I don’t know…

I’ve had a very limited amount of yoyos, so here are my few prefrences:

Around 65ish grams

The only problem is, I think all the fundametals are those prefrences.

I’m on advanced 2/expert 1.

Dv888 all the way! Amazing YYF throw.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make sure the dv888 was the best way to go with these B-grades :slight_smile:

Say, Does anyone know when these will come out? They were supposed to come out half an hour ago. (My patience is being painfully tested :P)

Andre said pretty soon. The dv888 is a beast yoyo, and ask pretty much anyone, it’s the best fundametal choice.

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anyone know about how much these will cost?

At contests, they are around $20-30, but YYE has to make some money to so it should be slightly more. But still VERY cheap. Remember B-Grades have anno flaws and/or vibe. 5 more minutes until they are released!

I hope the Dv888 is less than $45 :slight_smile:

That’s how much money I’ve saved for a normal dv888 :slight_smile:

Are there splash colors of the Fundametals? becuase on the yye news ting there is a black with red splash Dv888 that looks SICK.

Almost 2:15! :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are. My brother has a splash dv888 (not b-grade) it looks really cool, and if they have it, get it. :slight_smile:

1 minute!



I got a black with red splash :slight_smile:

Awesome hope you like it!  :wink:

i gotta red splash tactic