best 60-90 dollar YYF

I was considering buying a dv888, but was interested in the new chaotic. Then I was almost positive that the chaotic was right for me, but then I discovered the boss and g5 also in that price range. I was wondering if there is a significant difference between the yoyos in the fundametal line and the boss and g5. Also has anyone tried the Chaotic, it looks awesome but I would like to have some feedback before I buy one

Okay, Ive only tried a Fundametal, while those are nice full metals, ( very nice) the boss and the G5 are recognised as very nice yoyos, While the Chaotic looks soooo sweet, I would get a Boss. Mostly because I completely trust Augie Fash, but the yoyo looks a little better anyway.

yeah. from looking at it it seems that the chaotic is a step up from the other fundametals. its a lunatic but better response and bearing and whatnot. right now i think chaotic or boss is the way to go. i know you and everyone else likes the boss, but should i give the chaotic a try? thanks.

It’s a bit over your price range but I recommend the 888x, it is so awesome.

get the geniesis or the boss both really good yoyos

yeah the 888x look REALLY nice. dont know if i want to spend that much just yet, but i probably will in the future.

Well for my preferences, I really like the Chaotic. Or the BOSS.

You guys should really give some reasoning behind your suggestions. “It’s good” can be said for 99% of yoyos.

To the OP, why limit yourself to YYF? There are a lot of other great yoyos out there. Asking what the best $60-$90 YYF yoyo is is like asking what the best grown-up yellow bird is; it’s narrowing things down a ton, from lots of actual possibilities to a very select few.

thats true and i was considering the duncan mayhem, but it seems as if you cant go wrong with yoyofactory.

dude its not i yoyofactory but mayhem rux (GRIND BEAST) i think and ohh get the silver one not polished silver

i know i said it was by duncan

i was just saying that all yoyofactory yoyos get positive feedback.

the duncan mayhem looks great though.

tough decisions.

if you’re looking at YYF in the 60-90 range, go Boss (undersized, 50mm dia.) or Genesis (larger dia., but crazy stable)

Worth the extra $$ over the fundametals.

chaotic isnt a fundametal, it is a step up inbetween like the boss genisis and severe

Yes it is a FUNDAmetal?

yeah its a fundaMETAL, but its supposedly a step up from the Lunatic, another fundaMETAL.

Exactly why its a fundaMETAL. If you made a step up to a yoyo such as the 888x and called it something like 888# would it still be considered a yoyo? Yes.

I second this. I would also look the the RecRev i and any OneDrop. Just keep your eyes open on the BST.

Try a Dv888, you will probably like it. suicides wide gap and long spin time.

yeah im thinking ill just get the dv888, everyone seems to like it and its cheaper than the others. thanks guys.

scratch that, im buying that BAWSS.