which FUNDAmetal yoyo?

Im in the need for a new yoyo. I currently have a yyj dark magic, and i have had it for about 4 months. I hear such great things about all the yoyo’s in the FUNDAmetal series by YYF an i know they all would be great. they’re all in the same price range so that realy doesn’t matter. I hope you guys can give me an honest opinion on which yoyo i would personelly be best with. And by the way im like an advanced player and i have been yo’ing for about 3 months. Thanks for your time in helping me decide on which yoyo to buy.

I think the most stable out of the fundametal line is the Hectic.

youre going to hear many different things from people. And if you dont feel Right with the yoyo theyre suggesting dont listen to them. Read some reviews examine shapes weights etc. then make your decision. BTW i have a DV888 and it plays like butter stock so take that into consideration

Actually I reccomend the DV888, because it too is also very stable. I hit mine on my hard carpet floor sooooo many times, yet it still has barely any vibe and is still great! The DV888 is super smoothe and it has an amazing grinding surface, expecially for those of you who like thumb grinds. One of the reasons why I like the DV888, is because it has a super large gap which helps me land string tricks. Plus if you have small hands like me, this yoyo will fit you perfectly! Lastly, this is the cheapest metal yoyo that I own! Trust me the DV888 is a great yoyo and you won’t regret it if you get it… although this was just my opinion… it’s yours that counts! :wink:

Hope this helped and Good luck choosing your new yoyo! ;D

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The Best Metal for its Price is the Yomega Maverick Put an O-Ring on one side, with the original Response Perfect, and Its Only 29.99. But as for Fundemetals I have a Dv888, I prefer the Hectic, SUPER STABILITY!!

If you decide you want a Lunatic or Tactic, I’m currently selling brand new (still in their packaging) of either one for $60 shipped : D Great bargain!

All the Fundametals tend to be good, it’s all about preference. I’d just go with what looks coolest!

You should have added Chaotic there. ;D

I like dv888 and hectic because they are both really stable and long spinning. It depends on if you like thick or thin. The dv888 is thicker but they are both about the same size. But It’s totally up to you. :slight_smile:

Really? I think the caps on the dv888 suck for thumb grinds. Now the boss has perfect caps for grinding

The DV888 doesn’t even have caps…

I’ll give you some thing I know about the Dv888. First it is not too good for thumb grinds. And it has a gigantic gap and that makes it great for flops and suicides. Spin time is good( I’m saying this from the yoyo itself but it really depends on you.) Hoped that helped ;D

Can anyone tell me what’s another word for the side that you thumb grind on? I’m pretty sure you don’t call it caps. :smiley:

Neither the Dv888, or the boss, or any YYF to tell you the truth, has pogs/caps.
ANd where you do thumb grinds is called the thumb grind lip.

And guys, the Dv888 isn’t a bad t-grinder. You just gotta get it on an angle.

Thumb Grind Lip… Very Interesting…

Oh yeah and about the thumb grind. Born2YoYo is right because i can grind pretty good with my Legacy.

Thank you for actually giving some effort and giving reasons.

To the OP: At this point you don’t really have preferences so I would just go with the one that looks coolest to you. If you don’t like it, you can trade it.

That is also very true… just look at the specs and pictures, and then pick the one you like best! ;D

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