The FundaMetals...

Ok I thought It was surefire for the DV888 for me bug after watching some YouTube reviews I had to ask:which of the fundametals do you prefer? I realize I havnt given my preferences… This is a question for YOU I’m not picky about shape just tell me what’s smooth and what to stay away from.

NOTE: the fundametals include the DV888 Frantic and Hectic yoyos.

i havent tried any but ive heard that frantics have a tilting problem

I personally like the DV888, the Frantic isn’t too stable for me, and the Hectic is a weird shape in my hand.

I got a B-grade DV and I absolutly love it!!

The dv888 is my favorite, but the Hectic comes in a very close second. The Frantic is okay… I’m not big on angular yo-yo’s.

Ok new question is the DV888 good for grinding or are either of the other ones better cause I love to arm grind and I’m tryin yo learn thumb grind

great at grinds and a huge open space to land thumb grinds :slight_smile:

DV888 is great for grinds of all kinds…

The Frantic is strange… way too light feeling and very tilty.

Hectic I have yet to try.

All in all, pretty much everyone here is going to tell you that the DV888 is the better of the 3. Definitely worth the money if you are looking for a new yoyo.

I learned how to thumb grind like 5min after I got my Dv888! It pwns at grinding, and I can palm grind it for like 4sec before I have to let it down and bind it back. It’s amazing, and spins FOREVER. Worth every penny.


Ik it sounds like I’m sticking with the DV888. In fact I didn’t really care about the other two at all I was just seeing if I would want to get one in the future. Thanks!

Well I have a lot of experience with all of the fundametals I have tried all of them (both bearing sizes for hectic and dv888). I like them in this order, Dv888, sb Dv888, frantic, sb Hectic, Hectic. I absolutely hate the shape of the hectic, I would only ever use it for 5a if I had one. The only reason I don’t like the frantic more then the dv888 is because of its awkward weight distribution it has lower spin times then the dv888. You can’t go wrong with the dv888, I have 4 of them two large bearing and two small bearing. Don’t let the low price trick you though, these yoyos do NOT play any worse then 120+ dollar yoyos. The only reason they are so much cheaper is the lack of hubstacks and the ease and efficiency yyf uses to make them.

The Dv888 by Far. No tilting problem comfortable to the hand and super smooth.

Hectic is my favorite. (small bearing) Dv888 and Frantic will be great too. Just pick whichever looks most appealing to you.