FundaMETAL War!


Dv888, Best fundametal

Dv888 owns all!


Dv888=Smooth and stable.
Hectic=Painfull shape and to thin.
Frantic=Low spin time and unstable.
Lunatic=Horrible weight distribution; slow and clunky.

Dv888 wins!

DV888 FTW!

DV888: Could be your only yo-yo. Could be your best yo-yo?

Hectic: Pocket Sized but can handle anything you can throw at it.

Frantic: Lives up to its name. Fast, agile, different.

Lunatic: Could challenge the Dv888. Big on performance.

Tactic: ???

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I really doubt you’ve thrown the Lunatic.

From what I’ve used, the Dv888.


Actually, I have. Maybe it’s just me, but the weight just doesn’t feel right to me.

Small bearing Hectic for the epic win.

888 rules

I have tried many but this wins overall

and yes I do have one

888 isn’t a fundaMETAL

Hectic. Small. Awesome.

Still the 4xl. Beefed or not. Hats or not. Groovy or not. Hook me up.

Rozzor - Stable as all hell, sharpish shape.

Pacquiao - Like no other, light as a butterfly but with plenty of spintime and stability.

Split Decision - Customizable much? Dual responce grooves, interchangable rims, nuff said.

I’m heading towards the DV888

tactic? sounds like another idea for a fundaMETAL!!

yea its a new fundametal but it hasnt been released yet

What are you talkin’ about?