Your fav fundaMETAL yoyo

vote now ;D
i just wanted to hear everyone’s opinion :smiley:

DV888! Amazing throw ;D

I just think it’s kinda funny that they have Frantic, Hectic, Lunatic, Tactic, and then… DV888. lol Why didn’t they stick with a name with “tic” at the end?

My favorite is Tactic, just because it’s the only one I’ve ever played. The Lunatic, Hectic and DV888 look pretty nice too, but the Frantic looks too uncomfortable. Too… pointy? IDK, there’s just something about it that I don’t think I’d like.

Well its not all the tics then dv888, its the Dv888 then the tics. :wink:

Well, yeah… but still, why didn’t they just wait to start the FundaMETAL line until after the DV888? lol

Because the Dv888 is part of the Fundametal line.

Dv888 but the only two I’ve played are the Frantic and the Dv888, But the Tactic looks sweet too

i guess dv888 should be the “eightic”

True dat

My friends frantic because my DV888 has slippy binds and the Hectic just doesnt feel right.

Dv888 and the Hectic are my favorite, both amazing throws.

dv888 = amzing yoyo for the price

i got my lunatic last saturday and cant put it down, i threw that and a dv888 at the store for about 30min each and loved them both so it was a question of shape and most of my throws are flat rimmed and the lunatic looks like a little severe (i love the severe) so i went with that. i have tried all the fundamentals sans the tactic (it looks awesome though)

Lol, DV888 is winning like crazy. No surprise there.

Man, with what YYF is doing with this line of yoyos, I think it’s funny that anyone is paying any more than this price range for other yoyos.

I mean, I’m sure there are a couple yoyos that are just so luxurious that they should be more (some CLYW’s, more high-end YYF, etc.), but in general I think this is much more reasonable.