Favorite YYF FundaMETAL yoyo

Different People Like Different Yoyos. If you have had a Yoyofactory yoyo in the FundaMETAL Series, (The Yoyofactory Yoyos that cost $65-$70) Vote your Favorite one! If you have never had a Yoyofactory FundaMETAL, Look them all up on Yoyoexpert.com, and Vote Which one you Think You Would like the Best!
Thanks for Voting!

you forgot the chaotic

I have played the Tactic, Lunatic, Dv888 and just took a couple throws the Chaotic. Dv888 beats all of them. It might not be such a far comparison, because my Dv888 and the Lunatic and Chaotics had CT bearings and the Tactic didnt. So in order, DV, Chaotic, Lunatic/Tactic. The Chaotic is really a step from the Lunatic if your wondering the difference.

Oh, Sorry Guys. I did not know that the Chaotic was a FundaMETAL. I thought it was just a FundaMETAL Priced yoyo.