best fundaMETAL yoyo

vote because i want to know

None is better than the other. Are you just getting opinions?

yup just wanna know what you guys think

I can’t choose!!!
I just put Hectic, I love mine but I love all the FUNDAmetals!

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lol im going with DV888, I like its shape more than the others.


That there one which that there preference prefers.

I know. But seeing how I haven’t tried any production fundametal yoyos, I don’t know. So the one I prefer most is my favorite.

See what I did there?

Lol i had no idea what you were saying up there, and i thought you were telling him that it was about preference.

Dv888 no comment

Never tried one, but I want the Frantic more than the others.


I second that