HELP!! I'm trying to pick a Couple fundaMETAL yoyos!

I need to decide which 2 YYF fundaMETAL yoyos should get

Small bearing tactic
2010 Mighty Flea

(I know the mighty flea isn’t a fundaMETAL)

Tell me which two are the best! :slight_smile:

no best or better just different. but i would like to say that the mighty flea is more for fun. the protege seems very good

Well, what are your preferences? Weight? Size? Shape?

In my prefences I really like the Hectic and Protege. I think you’ll love them, and also the Lunatic and 2010 California. What are your preference though?

i think protege is great but also the chaotic is a great fundametal but like $10 bux more also if you dont want to spend the extra also lunatic is realy good but also i depends on your preferances

I would like the yoyo to be nice and smooth, and I like it a little bit on the small side, kind of the size of the dv888, I really don’t care what the shape is, and I want the weight to be not too heavy but not super light either.

the protege is similar to the dv888, so is the lunatic (both in shape), california is round, and hectic is a major h-shape, tactic is pretty round too but not as round as the california, my preference is the tactic and small bearing lunatic…

protege and hectic

They’re all small yoyos, right about the same size. You’ll just have to choose for yourself or tell us what shape you want.

Also, why limit it to YYF?

IDK man. I say Protege because its new and seems awesome. I’m really intrigued by the California. Do you already have a dv888 or just not want one of those?

I already have the DV888

just decide after you try my protege :slight_smile: and why not try different shapes? cali or tactic with maybe a hectic?

Ill decide on the protege after I use it, and I was thinking about also gettin a small bearing tactic with a lunatic.

If the small bearings are your preference, then get a small bearing, but you don’t mention that you are getting any other small bearing yoyos, and the small bearing Tactic snags way to much, and I think you’ll be better off with a large bearing.

Small bearing will do just fine.

If you want a small bearing yoyo, check out the Wedgie from Big Brother Yoyos. Such a great yoyo.

sorry to bring back the topic

any way i think the two you should get is definatly a protege and a lunatic i have never tried a lunatic but i hear that they are good.

As is the (insert yoyo name here). Why should he get the Protege or Lunatic over anything else mentioned, or anything else out there?

For the $65, they have the best selection.

Besides Hspin. I heard Icon is kick-anus.

Ok…why need spend $65? There are so many good yoyos, especially under $65.

Meant to say $65 price range.

And, IMO, the only one under $65 that would be better than a fundametal might be the Icon or Dingo.