have you ever gotten extremely cheap B-grades?


Hey guys, my friend told me that he got a b grade monster for $10! I think that’s really cool! This thread isn’t so I can see if I wanna get a b grade, I just want you guys to share. He also got a YYR throw for like $25 (b grade)


Highly doubt he got a Real YYR for $25, maybe a fake.


I think it was messed up or something.


Who was dumb enough to sell him a B Grade YYR for $25? I’ve gotten some YYF B Grades for cheap. I like how YYF sells there B Grade stuff for really low; most of the time they play well.


I’ve boughten a b grade phenom at nationals for $35 and $30 for a star grade dynamo


I guess this is as good as any place to post this.

This Saturday, July 27th, there was an event up here in Seattle, WA.
It was the Battle in Seattle Kendama roots tour event. Yoyofactory was a big sponsor, along with One Drop and CLYW kind of.

They gave them a bunch of DV888’s to sell to people. They were selling for $25 each. They were splashed models too.

The thing is, they were all B-grades. It’s not that the throws being b-grades that was kind of off putting. It’s that they were selling them without telling anybody that they were b-grades and promoting them as a “good deal.”

What do you guys think?

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This rubbed me the wrong way at the same event here in SF also.
I wasnt going to buy anyways, but they really should have said something about this.
Bad form.



Is a b grade Linda like fools gold? Like it has vibe or something?


EDIT: accidentally posted nothing.

Anyway when Yoyofactory b grades comes to mind.
What does yoyofactory do with the b grades?

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What’s vibe?


I think it’s like a yoyo enhancement


At CAL States Crucial was selling B Grade Cupcakes for $50 instead of the contest deal ($60) instead of the regular price $90.

At BAC there was a deal for a B Grade Crucial Dulce for $50, plus they would switch out their flat bearing with the newest crucial grooved, plus a free holster.

CLYW sells B Grade Avalanches for $60 normally $120 for an A Grade, and all their other B Grades are reduced quite a bit as well.

It depends on the contest and deals and discounts, really. At Nationals (the biggest contest in America, aside from when Worlds is held in the US) you should be able to get some good deals on B and A grades. Companies with booths usually discount everything (even if it’s just a little) at contests, not just B grades.

EDIT: yes, B Grades are like Fool’s Gold. That’s just what CLYW calls their b grades. G2 calls theirs “Glitches” etc.


Well, they gave them a bunch of b-grades. They had tiny stamps in the cup. They were being sold to kendama people who don’t know any better to know that they are being sold defective units. They should at least be informed about it. Nobody was told at all. I barely even noticed they were b-grades until I saw a bunch of them had dings and such and started searching for a b-grade stamp.


That sounds like a really dirty thing to do to people who don’t know any better… They really weren’t saying anything about them being slightly defective?


No wonder your parents think ur not mature enough to spend ur money. ^^^ its vibration felt on the string or on grinds from the yoyo not spinning smoothly


We know what it is. And your completely wrong bro. Actually read my thread this time. They just dont wanna spend $100 on yoyos, it has nothing to do with being mature.


Lol they are quoting the CLYW video for the Fools Gold Avalanche that Jensen and Chuck did.
Yoyo enhancement have a twizzler!


Hence my profile pic :slight_smile:


Mordo it seems like you really dislike that video because anytime this is mentioned, you go all negative on it.


What? It’s just funny…