3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!


Wish I could put this on my Christmas list. Parents don’t want me getting anymore throws. Hopefully someone will sell one on the forums.


Whoah, those look nickel plated! They look great!


Only 10 :frowning:


Any updates on AI5 release dates?


Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in responses… I was waiting for my plater to finish up the yoyos. Anyway, I FINALLY got them back!!!

I will have 7 nickel Al5s for the early release. They will be up for sale THIS FRIDAY!! Price is $90 shipped!

Here’s what you have to look forward to!




Make sure you’re ready, these will go fast!!!


Just a reminder, the first 7 Al5s will be released TOMORROW!!! At only $90, this is a deal you don’t want to miss!!

Make sure you pick one up quick!! ;D



I wish I had cash… :frowning:
Maybe Santa will come through…


I’m buying one after Christmas. They look absolutely amazing.


The Al5 is up for sale NOW!!! Hurry and get yours before they’re gone!


Hey guys!!

So I’ve been thinking… with the new year I’d like to step up 3YO3’s image! I think it’s time for a new logo!! I’d like it to be a bit simpler and easier to recognize.

I need everyone’s help on this so I’ve decided to turn it into a contest starting TODAY! I’d like everyone to submit design options to me though email (landon3yo3@gmail.com) from now until next Saturday (January 12). The following day, I will be picking my top 3 favorites and posting them on facebook and yoyoexpert to be voted on! You will all have 1 more week to cast your votes and the winner will be announced on January 20!

Now as exciting as that may be, it gets even better!! The winner not only gets recognition for the design, they also will receive an Al5 and a t-shirt with the new logo!!!

Make sure you email your designs in and don’t just post them on FB or YYE!! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Happy throwing and designing!!! :slight_smile:


Alright, Al5 update!!!

Just got the yoyos back from the anodizer today! Here are the awesome colorways that will be for sale soon!!! Remember to look for these at your favorite yoyo retailer :slight_smile: At only $85 they’ll be going fast!!!

Galactic Sky:

Jupiter Splash:

Tumbled and Polished Clear:

Bead Blasted Clear:

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them!


That Jupiter Splash…oh my :o That is amazing!


Awesome! I particularly like the Jupiter Splash because I haven’t seen anything quite like it. For my money, the clears are both awesome, too.


$85… this thing is worth more than that for sure. Been waiting for the best bang for your buck so far this year, peeps? This is it. Like Michael Jackson This Is It. This is it!


what kind of bearing will these come with?


That galactic sky, wow. Just wow. Absolutely beautiful. At 85$, I’m gonna have to pick one up.


Looks fantastic Landon! I’m going to have to pick one (or 3) up!


Stainless steel, pre-cleaned C bearing. The “standard issue” of all 3YO3’s :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m so glad you guys are digging these!! Can’t wait to get these in the hands of those who want them most :smiley:


I will hopefully have the funds for I e of these after my birthday. Any idea on when your releasing them?


I don’t have an exact date yet, but I’m aiming for mid February! Not much longer to wait :slight_smile: