3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!


Quick questions did the box for the ti5 bump up the price and will you keep the box for the ai5 or will your drop to keep the price low


I designed the sticker on the Ti5 box… and one thing I do know is that Landon has a unique round tin with a clear lid container he uses as a hallmark of the 3YO3 brand. If he’s sticking to tradition, I’d expect that. My guess is the Ti5 box was only justified in celebration of the ultra high-end model, whereas the Al5 is probably going to be 3YO3’s most famous aluminum yoyo, but it just isn’t meant to be the luxury item that the Ti5 is. If that makes sense.


UPDATE on Al5:
Heard from the machine shop yesterday… I’ll have a prototype in my hands hopefully by next weekend!!! :slight_smile: Things are moving along! I hope you’re all excited!!

The packaging was pretty inexpensive, you wouldn’t notice a difference in the price because of it. I’m still deciding on packaging for the Al5, but that won’t affect cost either :slight_smile:

The packaging for the Al5 will most likely be something different as well, but not as extravagant as the Ti5 box


Those who dropped the $ for the TI5 should get a chance to get one before it hits the stores :wink: lol


how much are these supposed to cost? i really wanted to try a ti5 without its expensive price tag… now i have my chance.


Price isn’t set yet but I’ve promised it affordable, I’m shooting for ~$85. I know I posted it earlyer in the thread, but don’t recall what I said.


Anymore news about the Al5? Estimates of release dates?


Will have it Wednesday!!!

Release dates, maybe 6 weeks after that to get all the ano & such taken care of?? I’m REALLY going to shoot for “before Xmas”, but you know how busy things get haha




Looks nice… very nice.


Does it have a finish on it in that pic, or will it come raw?


That’s not a finish. That’s just what they look like without polish, stain or anything. Fresh of lathe. I think.


Who else is getting excited??? I hope to get some feedback from you guys! What do you think??


This is a tumbled finish




Haha thanks for the positive feedback! I can’t wait for these to be released so you all can play them and see for yourselves how awesome they are!!

On that note, as you know I was aiming for a Christmas time release. After talking with my machine shop, I don’t foresee that happening for the full run.

HOWEVER!!! I will be offering a very limited (8 or less) run of Nickel Plated Al5’s in time for the holidays!! ;D




how much will they be


I love my TI5, can’t wait add the AI5 to my collection.


I’m not sure yet, but I’m aiming for $90 :slight_smile:



;D ;D