3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!


Delrin that’s really it i need to get a Delrin throw. So volume restock would be nice


Noted :wink:

Unfortunately it’s not possible because of how thin the wall has to be :frowning:

This will definitely happen in the future :slight_smile:

Keep the ideas coming!!!


Can’t wait for the Al5. Any rough idea when it will be available?


Maybe a wide delrin, but not a super odd shape. Not like the Grind King or Volume. Maybe something like a delrin Wet Whistle. Or an acrylic Wet Whistle would be awesome too.


Can a Delrin with Side Effects be done? I know you said a plastic can’t be done. Does Delrin fall in that category?

That would be pretty sweet.

(WildCat23) #106

Maybe something completely wacky. Something no one would expect. Maybe like a delrin Evil Yo (I just love that yoyo don’t I?).


We’re shooting for 6 weeks after I am happy with the prototype! The 6 weeks gives me time to media finish, anodize, assemble, test, engrave, package, and ship.

Now this, I like!

Sadly delrin does fall in the same category. :frowning:


Landon what is your favorite yoyo or yoyos that you didn’t make


sorry for a double post but

Delrin La Gout


delrin ti5 :wink:


The One Drop Code 1 and the General Yo KLR

I’ll have to do some “outside the box” thinking for the next plastic :slight_smile:

Or acrylic, haha


Could you make an aluminum core for response and for the side effects and have the majority of the exterior in delrin? Trying to help get what the people are after conceivable.


can you mod yo-yos to accept side-effects?


Acrylic with polished titanium weight rings and rims and side effects, as well as the area around the side effects made out of titanium.


Sounds amazing but expensive


Dang you guys are obsessed with side effects


You say this like it is a problem. ;D


Q for Landon:

i see that the yoyo, the “hourglass” is for sale on your website for $175 USD. my question is- how long does the hourglass run, as this might affect if i buy one or not.


That sounds like a great idea!

Not with the tooling that I have :frowning:

This sounds awesome! I’ll look into the costs of machining it :slight_smile:

If you’re referring to the time before the sand runs out, it’s not a measured amount of sand and because I use colored, decorative sand the grain sizes aren’t consistent so it’s impossible to give you an exact time. That being said, it’s usually around 15 seconds


Bump because I’m excited for the Al5!