Here it is.. after an unbelievably large amount of work.. [56k join the century]

I had the inspiration for this several years ago, and early this year I decided to finally make it happen… an unbelievably large number of hours later, and here it is :slight_smile:

It’s an ultra lightweight plastic body, with stainless steel weight rings and a steel hub. It’s a nut/bolt setup with large dif-e-yo konkave bearing, and dif-pads. The nut/bolt ends are covered by axle caps that blend in with the body. Weight is around 64g.

Yes, it plays… very well. The fingers on the outer edges of the rim are somewhat prone to getting caught on tshirts, but otherwise it’s quite durable and no, it doesn’t catch on the string or slow excessively due to wind. The ‘beams’ are designed such that air flows through pretty easily… you get a slight ‘woosh’ sound but no decrease in performance.

Balanced? …mostly. It is tunable to near perfect, but due to the nature of the design it must be aligned carefully to remove all vibration. (even completely untuned the vibration is minor and doesn’t impact performance)

So, there you have it… let me know what you think :slight_smile:


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That is so awesome!

How does it grind? lol…

Also, welcome the YYE!

that thing looks freaking awesome!!!

That is the greatest thing I have ever seen. If you want to get rid of it any time soon, I’ll sell my oldest boy to buy it. You have pushed the envelope way beyond modding. Edit*** it looks like it came out of an Hell Raiser movie. Pin Head would be proud LOL

WOW… ;D im impressed…awesome, love the unique look. the plastic design reminds me of the 2008 olympics at the birds nest in china 8)…nice 5 stars

woohoo, somebody got it :slight_smile: I saw a show about the stadium when they started construction several years ago… been thinking about it since…

Holy shoot on a sandwich, I want it, its pretty… :’( :’( :’( :’(


Reminds me of a basket

if u coated it in a thin layer of like plastic or something it would be grindable

I thijk u haz use photoshp :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome Kyo.

Wow. That must have taken a while to make. I bet it would be an amazing collector’s item, as well as possibly a wonderful player.

wow that is amazing

WOW! That looks CRAZY! That is the best yo-yo I have ever seen!

That. Looks. Amazing.

I can spend all day just looking at it. It’s definitely a must-have for a yo-yo collector.