NEW PROTOTYPE Fresh from the the machine shop.

Hey guys,

Some of you may remembered a cluster of topics I made a while back, pointing towards the idea making new yoyos. Well, it finally came together and I am proud to present to you the first prototypes.

Its going to be called the Cadence

The rough dimensions of this prototype:

[i]weight: 55g

dia: 54mm

width: 43mm

gap width: 4.5

size C bearing

888 size pad


I am going to tweak this some, mainly for weight, but also for gap width.

The Cadence will be featuring a hex nut axle system. From the get go, we got permission from the guys over at OneDrop, and they have helped us through most of the axle designing (Thanks a TON guys!).
I like the Hex nut design because it gives me peace of mind knowing that I can never “strip” the yoyo itself.

In these prototypes, you can see that there is not really any way to secure the hex nut in place when messing with the bearing/pads. I do have an idea planned to fix this problem, but it did not show up in these prototypes because this was all done on the lathe. Once we get a final design down, we will start using the mill (which is what the problem needs).

anyway, if you have any questions, comments, constructive criticism , happy feelings (anything) please share!


P.S. Im not looking for testers quite yet. There are still some kinks that need to be ironed out. :wink:

I am wondering as to how something of that size with such a low weight plays?

pretty good imo.

I want to bring the weight up to at least 65 though.

looks great to me. and i also agree on you about the weight. might just want a pair for 3a too

Looks like a good start to me :smiley:
I’m really liking the shape, and hex nut axle system always looks classy

remind me of an envy, but I’m sure this is a whole diferent beast.
great idea in the hex nut, and i really like the look of it.

i need to make me my own yoyo…

Now you know how to make a yoyo.

those look like an envy a little

The way that distribution of weight works blows my mind…I very much want to try one if those if we meet.

How many more prototypes do you think you’ll have to make?
How much does something like this cost to make?

That sir, is awesome.

I have to agree, I dig the axle setup.

Could you put a groove inside the area that the hex nut fits into. The groove could be used to hold an o-ring that would hold the hex nut in while messing around with the guts of the yo-yo. Just a thought, glad to see you’re moving along with your yo-yo :slight_smile:

Holy thats good ;D Never played one with that kind of shape before but bet its sweet! Make sure to add weight to the rims! Also maybe a O-ring response as people who don’t like it can silicon it instead! I prefer O-rings, but that’s just my opinion. Good luck!

If it’s a tad unstable, that might be because it’s too wide without any rim weight to support… just a feeling.

BTW, what’re you doing with those yoyos? Selling? Personal Use?