Update of the Changes of the Changes of the "Cadence"

Hey guys, here are the changes I made since the last update. I tried to incorperate some of the feedback you gave me. Check it out: :wink:





specs ( may change slightly after going through my machinist)
weight: 65-66g
width: 44mm
dia: 56mm
gap width: 4.5mm
c bearing
flowgroove pad

Also, this does not show the hex nut inlay, I never really put that in until the end (it disappears whenever you try to change something)

tell me what you think!


Thats look like a kahiji from revyolution, which i really love, and i think i would like this yoyo too.
and with your hex nut axle, this would be awesome.
and if i might sugest, you might want to rounded the edge a little bit. My kahiji has a very similar shape at the rim, and kinda hurt if it smack you.
great job btw. . .

From the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it would really spin right. I’d add more beef to the actual rims and narrow the catch area.

This looks exactly like what I’m looking for!

I disagree. I like my yoyos to be catchable. This one doesn’t look so easy to grab right now.

And I like my yoyos to spin for a respectable amount of time. I’m not saying it has to be “ouch” shaped… In fact, I’m not saying anything becasue it’s not my design and therefore not my choice.


less lethal IMO. 8)
i like that shape a lot better, actually hoping some company make that kinda yoyo with that kinda spec.
i might snatch one if it’s readily available. if i got the money that is… ;D
nice yoyo, but i think you need a little bit more rim weight…

Are the “Before” and “After” pictures labeled correctly?

yes, i guess, if you are following this thread from the beginning that is.
although i might mistaken… :slight_smile:

So, the "after"shape is more sharp on the edges than the “Before”?

I thought every one was complaining about the sharp edges. The “After” pictures have edges that make me hurt to just look at them. Plus, there is very little rim-weight on the “After” pictures.

I like the “Before” yoyo much more. The “After” you is way too sharp on the edges and seems to concentrate weight in the center and less on the rims.

Try with severe like rims…

Let me clarify, I made this thread with the Before pictures. these were the original changes (forgot to change the title) the after pictures are the changes of the changes.

as for the rim weight, ive got (what I believe to be) plenty there, besides, I am trying to keep a nice little chunk there in the middle for stability reasons.

Do you know the exact weight, or are you going off of a guess?

Anyway, looks interesting.

i think it’s not that very angular shape, it’s more to the 90 degree cut after the bubbly outer rim to the inner face of the yoyo, that could hurt you.
i have a kahiji with very similar cut at the rim, and it hurt if i don’t catch it the right way.

as for the angular shape, i don’t think it would be uncomfortable to catch, almost like phenom or sleipnir, angular, but still comfy to catch.

nice to hear it, make me really excited about…

I have a Phenom. While it is an amazingly smooth, stable yoyo; “Comfy” is not a word I would use to describe it.

The CLYW Gnarwhal has a shape that I would call “Comfy”. Still open and angular, but the rims are rounded and wide enough to spread the impact out on a sharp bind.