How do you like my DESIGN?

How do you guys like my amatuer design? Just was messing around and came up with this.
Specs: (For just a half)
Diameter: 56.5 mm
Width: 22.508
Weight : 32g
Does Not have bearing seat or axle hole yet still working on it. Its heavily rim weighted for a floaty feel.
EDIT: My revised design is farther down

It looks interesting, and not quite like anything I’ve seen before. The shape is an interesting take on the classic V.
If you ever produce it and need a tester, send me a PM.

thanks! And If I ever get this produced it will probably still be a few months

I draw yoyos all the time, but I have no skills at the computer, so making designs like that is out of my reach.

I really like your design!! Looks beautiful ;D

…Looks like your design might need some adjusting based off those specs. There is no way to add that much rim weight with correct thickness.

my thinnest wall is 2mm

This. For a 56mm yoyo, those rims are WAY too thick.

I recall hearing the machinist saying that the thinnest a wall should be (with t6016) should be 3mm for structural integrity. 2mm might be too thin.

Why are they too thick? :frowning: and you may be right about 3mm I’m not sure I just went off what somebody told me on another thread

56mm yoyos tend to have rims considerably thinner than that. Check out some yoyos with comparable stats on this website and look at the rim thickness.

I realize that but will it just not work or will it just play very differently?

It’ll probably play pretty poorly. More rim weight doesn’t always mean better.

Those rims look like I could cut my hands up pretty bad with 'em.

I was just messing around on EMS I get it it’s not a good design… I’m gonna mess with it tonight and fix some of the issues

EDIT: I thickened the walls to 3 mm and rounded everything off. Also Rim Weight was reduced to keep it at the same weight to the rims arnt nearly as thick. The Rounding makes the diameter 55.689.

Looks good for thumb grinds.

Those rims still need rounding.

Heh, meanwhile I was thinking, “90 degrees… no thumb grinding help here!” – with those 90-degree inner cup features, you can still thumb grind (especially if the yoyo is off axis) but it’s significantly tougher to hop the yoyo up and catch it on the thumb for the grind.

In general, the design is pretty good. I can’t say it’s my all-time favourite, but if it speaks to you that’s all that matters!

yeah definitely not to hop onto but (from the picture) it looks like you could get a stable thumb grind from a trapeze (or something to ease it into a TG)