design feedback please

Been working on a design for a bit. Just wondering what the community thinks. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Diameter 56mm
Weight 60g (before bearing and axle)
Width 20.5mm (for one half)


So, I don’t have a-ton (read any) of experience with producing designs, but according to what I’ve heard (from imkyo), you will need more metal to go under the bearing, to reduce the chance of vibe from that, also it would appear that you have quite a bit of excess weight in the center, it also looks like it could use more rim weight. But other than that I like it.

Those of you who know more about yoyo design please feel free to correct me if you disagree, I am always looking to learn more.

Hi. I like the design. I’d agree it could use weight shifted to the rim - for momentum.
I’d also suggest considering nipping the little bump on the end sharpening it. I’m assuming you have that edge on the rim to reduce material coming in contact with the rim on grinds, so less material is better.

I like the trend of creating a small ridge over the lip for grinding. Like the hazmat, Royale and smooth move have.

The bump in the cup, is that purely aesthetic ? Or is there a function? I’d say the rim could use that weight effectively. Though I do think it’s pretty original - what you did there.
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The bump in the cup is purely aesthetic, although I have heard taking a bit of weight away from the rim is what causes the yoyo to feel more “floaty”. The small ridge on the lip is also just to make the design stick out from others. I could add some rim weight by making the ridge bigger and the bump a little bit smaller.

As for the center weight and the bearing issue. I want the design to have a flat cup for some sweet engravings. I also think it looks really classy. I’ve read before that 1mm at least is usually enough thickness so I set it to 1mm past where the axle ended so I could keep it flat and still have enough material there. What I’m saying is that I’ve reduced the center weight as much as I can while still keeping the look I want. Unless I can take even more material from where the axle is. I could be wrong about the minimum thickness I need so another, more experienced opinion than mine would be great.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: