Rim Weight

Is more rim weight considered to be at the top of the most important elements of decent yoyo design?

If it is, would things become more interesting if we decided it was less important?

many modern yoyo sacrifice rimweight to gain rpm. it is a question of preferences. best example is the YYF Shutter which moved weight more to the center so be “faster” and behave like undersized while beeng full size.

Rimweight is a crucial feature of a yoyo but not in the way that more is good and less is bad. it is important to know how weight is distributed and how it affects the playability.

It seems to be the most important at the moment.

I’m not sure what other factors could be considered as important since rim weight effects so much.

It is interesting that yoyos have followed certain trends in design.
Dark Magic II used to be the standard for throws at that price point, but now it’s probably considered outdated.

No, rim weight is not the most important element in yoyo design. It’s far more important reaching the proper balance between rim weight and center weight distribution to achieve the play preference of the player.


^^ I second that notion ^^

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