Weight Distribution


I’m always curious to learn new things about how our little toy works, and I was wondering if anyone could give me a brief breakdown on how different weight distributions effect play or feel? For example, if a yoyo has more rim weight vs centerweight, how will that effect the yoyo? Which attributes are enhanced (ie. stability, spin time, etc) by having more rim weight? Does having more rim weight cause a yoyo to feel more heavy or solid vs a yoyo with an even weight distribution?

Please don’t limit your answers to the questions or attributes above. :slight_smile:


I too am interested in this. I don’t know much, but I can tell you that, when it comes down to the basics, rim weight usually = stability, sleep time. Not sure about center weight, I would assume thats floatiness, you know, the opposite side of the spectrum. One is solidness, the other whatever is the opposite of solid. I haven’t tested these effects, but one test would be adding heavier side effects to a yoyo. Then, compare the differences in play - floatier, heavier, or what? (since adding heavier SE’s is adding centerweight)


As far as I know, rim weight should result in a feeling of solidness. The weight that is further away from the center will “count” for more, as it is further from the point of suspension.