Yoyoskeel Stalker 2 Rim Modification

Hi, everyone.

This is just a minor modification, nothing new or big here. I just want to show you all my first modification work done on an aluminum yoyo. This is a simple project but I am quite happy by how little work/modification affects the aesthetic of a yoyo (positively, IMO).

I got a B grade Yoyoskeel Stalker 2 a few days ago. Although it is claimed to be having some defects, but I can’t spot any of them. And I am very happy with how it plays, solid, stable and great for horizontal. However, I am not quite satisfy with its pointed rim edge (I know this kind of design is great for rim weight but I just prefer a flat rim that is more friendly to my palm) and a tiny step at the end of catch zone (I know there must be a technical reason for its presence but I prefer it to be rounded a bit to avoid/reduce string hitting while doing tricks like boingy boing). Nevertheless, I just can’t make up my mind to modify the Stalker 2 (as I never do it before and afraid of damaging the yoyo) until I notice how a YYF Shutter looks so differently and great with polished rim. Ok, let’s do it!

Here are some specifications and how the Stalkers 2 looks like before modification:

Diameter = 57.5mm
Weight = 67.5g



This is the relatively sharp rim edge that is not very nice to my palm:

And the tiny steps:

In order to flatten the rim edge, I planned to reduce the diameter from 57.5mm to 55 - 56mm, depending on how much reduction of its weight as I prefer to maintain its weight at 65g minimum. As I proceed, I found that 56mm is a suitable diameter with weight reduction of 1.2g, making the new weight of the Stalker 2 to be 66.3g, just nice! Inspired by the YYF Shutter with polished rim, I have also decided to remove the anodizing coat at the surface of the inner rings.

Here are the specification and how the Stalker 2 looks like after the modification:

Diameter = 56mm
Weight = 66.3g


I can’t sense any significant difference in terms of play characteristic, but the mod does introduce some vibe to it (I believe is due to a mistake I made at the bearing seat of a yoyo half while attaching it to my lathe). The tiny steps were not removed completely as I was afraid of damaging the pad recess area, and so I still notice string hitting at the catch zone but it has been reduced a little bit. I am quite happy with its new look. The modification adds some element of elegance to the yoyo. What do you think?

Thanks for reading and hope to hear your comment.


I think I should make a clear statement here that I am not saying the Stalker 2 is not good, but as I mentioned earlier, I am very happy with it’s play. It is just my PERSONAL PREFERENCE to flatten the rim edges a little bit and to remove the tiny steps at the end of catch zone.

Looks better the ram rims give it a feeling of elegance.

How much weight did you cut off? I personally think it looks better after the modification.

Many thanks for the comments.

After the modification, the yoyo weight reduced from 67.5g to 66.3g. Total weight reduction is 1.2g, which is about 0.6g each yoyo half.
I definitely like it more after the modification, in both aspects of appearance and comfort.