Yoyoexpertman mods!

Lyn fury with dm2 rings

Fh2 with fhz caps. Ad custom paint job

Higby profly with bearing mod

Onestar with dm2 rings and metal spacers added

Bead lasted quark

Recycled yoyo

Wood homeade take apart proto 1

Wood homemade take apart proto 2

Wood proto for ed haponik

Painted lyn fury

Satined rims Flying V

Custom made yoyo stands.

Golf ball yoyo

Homemade polycarbonate yoyo

Thanks for checking me out. Might do some modding services in the future.

Anything on here for the next 30 minutes might not work I’m trying to add pictures so you don’t have to click on a link

Got pics uploaded.

That onestar with dm2 rings looks dope…how does it play? Have vibe?


I like that golf ball yoyo :). When did you make that? Is it Bearingized?

yeah size a. I made it like a year ago.

a little vibe. It weighs 70grams

Add a lot of spin time?


If someone reads the comment I have a question, is there a good instructional website on how to ano and make a anodizer my dad know how to make one but i need pictures.

My only criticism would be to work on how the rim mods meet the body… there is a lip on all of them, it’s not a smooth transition.

Some cool ideas, I like the golf ball.

As for anodizing, this is NOT the place to discuss it really… it’s a fairly dangerous process that is best left to boards that focus on that, not to a general yoyo board with a lot of kids on it. Google and a few minutes of effort will yield everything you could possibly need to know about it.


Size c mod spacer my dad programed on his router.


Completely reshaped and weight ringed flying panda.

Looks kinda like a plastic luchador.

What did you use for weight rings?

from previous modding I had some left over pgm weight rings. I cut the inner diameter to press fit them in.

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Wow, nice! What are you going to do with the panda rims?

weight rings and rims are completely difrent things. Unless you are talking about the rubber? If so those you literal have to cut off.