want advice on my first mod


i plan on applying weight to the rims of my fhz, as well as recess the yoyo for flowable. i was also tossing around the idea of removing some of the centralized weight off the inside of the yoyo (where the side caps cover) in an attempt to keep the yoyo from becoming too heavy while still adding a fair ammount of rim weight. i was looking for advice on the subject so i can try to avoid destroying my throw with a “beginner mistake”


Just add some rubber o-rings to the inside of the yoyo under the caps. If you try to remove material being a novice you stand the chance of ruining the yoyo. If you have a lathe and are proficient at it then go for it. Just remember that when you remove weight and add it elsewhere, you will change the way it plays. completely.


Icthus is right, as a beginner, i wouldn’t risk ruining the yoyo while trying to add weight in different places, i would use weight rings and see how it is from there. The silicone recessing sounds fine, i did that on all of my fh2s.