YYF Die Nasty Cap Removal (Glow)

Ok so i got crazy tired of the “hollow” sound in the die nasty so i looked all over to see if the caps were removable. Every post and topic i saw said “dont do it” or “it breaks the yoyo”. Evidently I have a bit better luck? This ended up lightening the yoyo a bit and got rid of the hollow sound. Now i can attempt to find something to give it a little more rim weight.

Edit: I weighed the caps in at about 14g total so the yoyo dropped from its 68.6 to 54.6 or so, its not a very good scale so i might be off by about a gram. Oddly enough this barely affected play.

In order to do this i just took both halves apart and used my YYF tool to screw the axle INTO the cap side, and kept screwing till the pressure forced the cap to pop. I only had a cm or so left on the visible part of the axle when it finally gave out. afterwards just remove the axle from the nut and repeat on the opposite side.

I found trying to use the axle and 2 nuts got annoying so i replaced the axle and one of the nuts with a regular hex bolt from one of my duncans.

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You might find a fat 0-ring that fits. They come in 3/16 and 1/4 in. thickness, various OD up to about 2 in. Hardware store, plumbing department. That’s what was used for rim weight in some spintastics and the original FH2.

Thats a great idea! i was gonna try and find some thick wires but that’ll be better. I considered hub-stacking it but then i remembered i have a grindmachine already.

It’s funny, I actually like the hollow sound of the glow nasty. It’s strangely endearing.

Also look into a cheap guitar cable. It it to size nicely to fit. I’ve done this before for rim weight and it works great. The clear plastic coated type work the best