Custom-made yoyo caps - updated with FHZ caps @ 30/12/2013

Hi All.
I have an Auldey plastic yoyo which I think it may play better with added weight.

I removed its caps and thought I may be able to made a heavier cap with incorporated weight ring for better weight distribution.

Weight without caps is 50.19g. May be an extra weight of 12g will do.

Here is the drawing. Calculated weight of each cap is 6.1g.

And a few hours later (yes, I worked quite slowly)…

Weight of the caps is 12.22g, good…
And now the total weight of the yoyo has gone up to 62.42g as planned, good…

More photos…[/size]

It is just a simple project. Thanks for viewing. And your comments are most welcomed.

Nice work. Your lathe skills are excellent.

Thats pretty cool Nice job

Sweet. I wonder if you could do something similar with FHZ caps.

On a FHZ you can just pop the caps and put fat o-rings in there. Works great. “fat o-rings” are 3/16 in. thick o-rings. You can get them in a size that fits snugly against the rims under the caps. Available at most any hardware store.

Thanks for the comments, gratefully.

By a quick look at the FHZ caps and halves, I think I may be able to make similar caps for FHZ. But I am afraid the caps, even without the incorporated weight rings, will add a few grams more to the yoyo as the size is bigger than the one in this project. Unless if you want to increase the weight of FHZ, perhaps you can consider using rubber o-ring as mentioned by jhb8426. FYI, the weight of a FHZ cap is about 2.6g. But it should be fine for aesthetic purpose.

BTW, I respect your idea of Project Reconnect.

This looks great. As Jhb said you do have amazing skills on the lathe.

This is my response to stringking’s comment on FHZ caps.

The caps are heavier than the original ones, weighing about 4g each. I purposely discarded weight rings in the design stage (not too much designing though :D) of these caps and made it thinnest possible as I tried to minimized extra weight on the yoyo. With these new caps my FHZ weighs 67.7g, not too heavy, the caps are for aesthetic purpose only.

Here are the photos:

I really like the way that cap look.
great job man :wink: