FHZ Mod Help!

I have a free hand zero that I am modding. I have added weight rings, a silicone groove, and have dyed it. I also have a hubstack kit but that adds an unbelievable amount of vibe so leaving the hubstacks off. The thing I need help with is I want a mod that will make it more stable. Also, I know there are tons of threads about modding fhz’s but what are some of your favorite mods that I might want to do to this beauty?

Put in the small mosquito spacers and two bearings.

The FHZ is one of the most stable yoyo’s made. What is it doing that causes you to think it’s not stable.
Also when adding the weight rings, did you do it leaving the caps off or on? Unless it’s the clear one the FHZ is quite heavy. Not saying you shouldn’t have. I’m just curious as to how much it weighs now.

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I left the caps off. I am not sure what has made it unstable. I like a heavier yoyo but if the rings are causing it to be unstable I would much rather have stability than weight. When on a trick with lots of swinging even simple ones like cold fusion and gerbil it will tilt like mad. I have other plastics that don’t do this. I just want this FHZ to play like a dream.

The weight rings should contribute to the stability. What did you use for weight rings? You can get fat (3/16 in.) o-rings that fit snugly inside the shell. No wobble or tilt w/these with or w/o the caps. Do you have one sili groove or two? if only one, what’s on the other side?

Great news! Some good friends of mine took a day trip to visit Landon of 3yo3 and he fixed my crappy silicone grooves and also modded it for a big bearing. Now this thing plays awesome! Thanks a lot Landon. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. There is no more tilt and is way smoother.