Scary FHZ Mod


This thread is not for the faint or heart. This mod may scare some. I finally put my bootleg dm weight rings to good use.





It’s scary!!!


Diameter: 57 mm
Weight: Around 80 grams(I was expecting that)
Width: 60 mm!!!

Yupp. It’s 60 mm wide. It’s like yoyoing with a soda can. It’s really fun! And the best of all…


I cant believe that theres such little vibe. It’s so awesome.

(Mitch) #2




Just Hotglued on?


Superty-Duperty Glue.

Now, who wants it? Lol.


That is very interesting to say the least. How did you center the rings?


Wow. Thanks!

I didn’t. They’re roughly the diameter of the FHZ so I just closed one eye, looked down at them, and did my best to center them.



great job, very…interesting ;D


Lol. Thanks.


Doing it without any centering device and having little vibe, THATS impressive.


Very. I was lucky ;D

(Infinite Chaos) #11

Lol, thats awesome! You should use this on halloween!!! go around as the yoyo killer or something! lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have problems having the string getting in the gap between the yoyo and the rings?


Somewhat yes. Like jade whips are sort of hard.


Ok I was just wondering. You could possibly put even like a ring of paper around that part. I’m sure it would at least help stop that problem.

(Gorrilla_YO) #15

HOLY CRAP…it’s a bird, no it’s a plane, ITS BIG BIRTHA THE YOYO…hahaha that is awesome looking…wow that made my day :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(G5) #16

If you could get the right sized o rigs you could put them on. If the stuck out enough you would not ding it.


That’s so awesome!


Whoa, Now THAT is a cool paintjob How did you do it did you chip paint off of it after you painted it?


over 2 years old


sorry im new and i didnt know that i wasnt supposed to do that