(BB) #1

mad mod

(DanielBG) #2



How does it play? Can you post a video with it? :slight_smile:


what did you use to make that response

(BB) #5

cuz i felt like it

(DanielBG) #6

i think this are rubber orings ???


ummm I said what not why

(BB) #8

o 2 orings from my 450 pricr oring kit :smiley:

(BB) #9


What did you mod, those pics are kind of blurry.

(BB) #11

took off the dials and put weight rings in and i put orings on the inside as a response


That actually looks really fun… Any problem with the o-rings falling out?
And what size of o-rings did you use (rather, what yo-yo did they come from)?


(BB) #13

no falling out they came from a oring kit i had