Painting and adding weight to my FHZ

Pm me if you could do a cool paint job on a clear FHZ and somehow Add weight to it for me.

Weight rings - fat o-rings from the hardware store. 3/16 in. thick, sized to fit snugly inside the caps. They used to come stock in the FH2.

Do what jhb said to add weight.

Painting it yourself shouldn’t be too hard. Take a brush with paint, and rub it on your FHZ in a pattern that is asthetically pleasing. Now you have a nice playing, nice looking plastic.

To improve play more, use a Terrapin size A beefcake bearing and Duncan silicone stickers.

Oh it’s already recessed so I don’t need to beefcake it I have a 10 ball in it :slight_smile:

The Beefcake should still take the gap out, unless it is SPR already.

Mod Spacers (35 mm axle required; offstring spacer kit) add weight (not to the rims though). Coupled with Offstring Metal Spacers you’ll get ~4mm gap, I would say it’s right at 4mm. If you want to add Mod Spacers to an FHZ you’ll need both Mod Spacers and Offstring Spacer kits, about $10 total.

Light up parts add weight, I think they actually do nicely for adding a little bit of weight. Coupled with the Mod Spacers is a fantastic combination. Probably my favorite set up.

and of course O-Rings, you can experiment with different sizes if you’re lucky enough to find some that fit… I went to all kinds of hardware stores in my area and couldn’t find o-rings that fit, I found some that fit around the hub post but I passed. However, as luck would have it I obtained 5 sets of Fatty Rice Rings for Freehands. They add about 6 grams, and they’re super thick… really pack on the stability onto the yoyo, at the cost of a bit of speed and some additional weight at the end of the string.

You can experiment with all different sizes of orings man… Like… try putting one around the inside of the rim and then one around the hub post…

Caps add weight, so keep those on

Hey skyhigh yo will the spacers still work if its recessed to take a C size bearing? ???

Most likely, the paint will add weight.

No I don’t think so, but show pictures of the guts.

I had a question about this. Do the o-rings help prevent that “hollow” sound that comes with a standard FHZ? With all the light up bits in my FHZ it sounds solid, and makes almost no noise, but when I take that out, it sounds like I’m throwing around a cut piece of hula hoop.

I couldn’t really say. None of my FHZs sound different with or w/o the rings, but they’re all vintage models so maybe they changed the way they make them. same with any of my spintastics yoyos which I’ve added them to.

In fact I just tried both a weighted and unweighted FHZ and there’s no difference.