Which modded FHZ should i go for?

I’m not asking about links to other stores. Just what modder i should look up.
A-bearing and single sticker recess.





Coudnt you remove one friction sticker and clean the bearing. Since all fhz are sticker recess.

also no need to bump, if a person on the forum wants to help they will help.

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well I can help you but I can’t do sticker recesses atm due to some tools being lost when I moved but I can do a sili recess if you want

Problem is, most people dont go back to page 3 or 4 and read all the unactive threads there, do they?

I’m really looking for something to buy modded…

Yes they do.

Go check out mrcnja, he does that stuff great! As well as Yoyospirit. And others.

Stock normal fhzs aren’t recessed

Light up fhzs come pad recessed. I highly recommend one of these. No modding required.

You can get some spacer kits and convert any fhz to a wider shape with pad recess

You can buy one from another shop modded by the modfather. He has various mods you can choose from. Just google Modfather fhz etc you should be able to find it. He did great work

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I’m really into a solid color FHZ.
Is this what i’m looking for? http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/71/Duncan-Bearing-and-Parts-Kit
I really dont care that much if its pad- or sili-recessed. As long as i get the gap wide enough and it plays unresponsive!

No sorry, they are called mod spacers. You need a “small bearing” kit and an “offstring” kit.

I’ll explain later with a video. I’m working right now but can probably have it up in about 4 hours.

But if you search for my thread called “your favorite fhz”… On the first post i show directions

Oh, i see… I’m into widening the gap and keep the original design though, those spacers might not be the thing for me. But for just widening the gap to 4 mm (the width of the a-bearing), the kit i linked to should be alright? Or?

Never used those, it’s possible that it could widen the gap.

I might be wrong here, but if the spacer kit you’re looking at doesn’t work, i think your next option would be either a highwalled or large bearing fhz.

Ill try to get more info when i get home… I got tons of different fhzs and a bag full of metal spacers.

My hypothesis right now is light up fhz has the best spacers for widest gap. If so, i have an extra set i can mail out.

Any other questions?

Actually, after looking at some pics of the two it looks like the only difference is the recess. The recess makes the gap wider, though the spacers looks similar in size… What i want is spacers that make the bearing-seat go flush with the wall. Not lie below the wall, like they do stock. Do you understand what i mean? :slight_smile:

yes I know what you mean, and the response recess doesn’t make the gap wider. But the recess for the spacers which could vary between the light ups and the normal ones… I know the spacers in the Light-Ups are higher quality.

I got a crap ton of FHZ’s. I’m very well versed in them, put in a lot of research

I just got home, I’ve been very busy. I’ll look at my fhz’s and post in a second.

You can shim the spacers to bring the bearing seat flush with the wall. Thin cardboard or heavy paper will work fine.

Won’t the largest pair of spacers in that kit do that? Those who look like they’re made out of brass or something?

EDIT: Check this out:

Look at the color of the spacers. Silver/grey, right?

Look at the color of the spacers of this modded FHZ:
Not the same color, right? Those “brass”-looking spacers look to me to be the largest coming with the bearing and spacer kit. :slight_smile:

A. Yes the brass ones are wide, but my belief is that the light up has slightly wider and for sure higher quality spacers. They could be the same exact size though, still haven’t checked. Regardless, fhzs are packaged with thin and wide spacers.

B. The reason the gap looks so wide on that isn’t cuz of spacers, it’s cuz it’s a large bearing, which are wider than a-sized bearings

Nope, the one i linked to is a A-bearing :slight_smile:

Oh, i thought you linked to the large bearing cyclon fhzs in the store. I’ll check it out in a bit