Fhz Light up ?

I’m sure this has been asked before but I’d could find anything on it. So I have the FHZ light up and I would like it to be a Large bearing. Is anyone doing this Mod and would it still light up if you did. I’d like to have someone do it for me or if there is a way to do it my self could anyone let me know how. I really like this thing and use it to change up things sometimes but it is not unresponsive enough. Also doesn’t seem very stable sometimes and I’m afraid that modding it may make the stability even worse. If that is the case i wouldnt want to. Anyways If anyone has answers to this question and can help me please do. And if anyone does mod them let me know.Thanks in advance.

I have a FHZ that was modded to a c size bearing and it does not play as well as the A size bearing. There are ways to get it modded to be unresponsive. I have had yoyospirit mod a couple FHZ’s for me and they play great with the A size bearing.

There are choices:
Swap spacers. Get a Duncan Spacer kit and experiment.
Try an A-sized CenterTrac or KK
Try a Terrapin X Wing-Cut A bearing
Try a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake Kit for FHZ, but that makes it SUPER unresponsive. Binds can be difficult though as it adds 2mm of gap. It helps to use different thinner spacers.

I really like the FHZ Pulse as an A bearing.

OooOooh yeah!
Here is my setup

  1. Gold spacers, one friction sticker, Asize center track bearing (clean no lube), poly string
  2. Gold spacers, one friction sticker, Asize bearing taken from YYF hubstack cleaned no lube, poly string

The bearing from YYF hubstacks are slightly wider if you compare the two…try it.

To answer the OP’s question…

I have several FHZs with the large bearing mod. They play fine. They were modded by a guy that no longer does mods though (cyclontzy). I’m pretty sure that Perry (Modfather) can do the LB mod. Send him a PM. You may have to wait a bit though, he doesn’t log on daily. He’s an excellent modder and is worth the wait. Here’s a link to his profile:


Mine has a TX Beefcake kit in it and 1 silicone pad. Plays like a dream. And cheaper than paying someone to mod it.

Thanks to everyone who replied. I now have a unresponsive FHZ. Gold spacers, one friction sticker and a terrapin x wing A bearing ended up being my choice. It’s now totally unresponsive and great to throw on. I will still be trying to get one modded to a Large bearing simply to have one to try out. Thanks again to everyone.