Advice on Modding FHZ

Hello everyone! I have a FHZ that is stock, and has been going to waste for a long time now. This is not a recessed model, but an older one like 2005-2006 (whatever year the FHZ’s came out, I believe 2005) Anyways, I would like to…how do I put it, ah yes! “mod the crap out of it”, yeah that’s it :smiley: I haven’t done any modding in the past, but I figure now is as good a time as any to learn. I really don’t care if I damage the yoyo, as it has just been in storage for the past 5 and a half years or so, and I have better throws anyways. My goal, if possible is to have a silicone response system, and also be able to put a C sized bearing in it. Any information on helping me to achieve this goal would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

look into putting getting Crucial SPR’s for it. It stands for spacer pad response. It’s basically a spacer that is made for a c sized bearing and includes grooves for pads. I guess you could put silicone into the recesses but that would be your call. If you have the right equipment(i.e. lathe) and skill you can make your FHZ a true performer.

I don’t have a lathe :\ or probably even skill with one lol I guess I’ll just try to find an already modded one, or pay someone to mod mine. Thanks

Gonna be a little hard without a lathe. Ways you can bearing size it are using YYF spacers or Born Crucial spacers. A LOT easier to just mod it to accept a D bearing.

it can be modded using a drill.,15085.0.html

yoyospirit is the go to guy for all drill modding. He’s ace.

What ways do you suggest modding for a D bearing?

Rather than cut the whole bearing seat to accept new spacers, you can still use the stock spacers by shaving off a bit of the bearing seat.

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Can this be done for a metric(ilyy) sized bearing while still using the stock spacers?

You could just stick one of these in it. Terrapin X Wide Gap Freehand YoYo Bearings