Botched Duncan=Love FHZ that actually turned out OK!

I was doing a very simple mod for a user here on the boards. All I was supposed to do was widen the already existing silicone recess and remove the sticker lip. Easy peasy, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, on the very last cut, my bit decided it REALLY liked pink FHZs and wanted to take a bigger bite! The bit ‘bit’ into the yoyo hard enough to dislodge it from the chuck! Here was the result:

Needless to say I was sick after seeing this! I found a seller on another board selling a NIP D=L FHZ (thanks for the tip cyclontzy!) and bought it to replace my screw up.

Well, now it seems I am the owner of a screwed up D=L FHZ! What to do, what to do? Oh, I know!

I decided to recess Born Crucial spacers in. Here’s a pic of the ‘damaged’ side after the recessing:

You can still see a little damage, but the spacers cover it up :stuck_out_tongue:

I also decided to recess the center area a little more so that I could put a thin Duncan o-ring behind the BC spacer. A-la the Milk and 2% set up:
Pics of the completed mod.

Just goes to show you that stuff happens! When life gives you just make Pink Lemonade!


I love that fix. I normally cut the damaged area out and epoxy it. Then cut the new spacer area and new silicone groove. Works like a charm. This is mo betta though.

How does the FHZ play? it looks like a beast, excellent job on modding it. i could never do anything close to that lol.

Definitely looks NICE!

Thanks guys. Yeah, it plays great. Lots of fun. I would love to have had a picture of my face when the lathe took a bite of Duncan! :slight_smile:

so is the bearing a-sized or c-sized?

C size bearing now

you should start selling them for like 35

He’ll lose money if he does. that’s not near enough. $45 maybe. Those spr’s aren’t cheap and are hard to get.

o sell them 4 $48. u can buy them at
heres the link to them

$19 per spacer isn’t very cost effective.

i didnt know thats how much i dont know european money

^^ Not to mention that the Duncan = Love FHZs go for crazy prices!

Who said anything about European money?

yoyo jake’s link pointed to a European site that sold them for €14.81, which translates to around $19 US. That does include a bearing, though.

OH haha. I missed that. lol

Take a look at the Maverick spacers and bearings from Yomega. I have a maverick (and a Dark Magic) and it’s a pretty decent throw lubed up.

The spacers and bearing cost $7 before shipping instead of 19. Course it’s a Yomega" sized bearing, not a standard- but a cheap way to do a similar mod yes?