Would Like People's Opinions on FHZ Mods, Want to Get my FHZ Modded

;D Would Like Your Opinions on FHZ Mods, I Want to Send my FHZ out to Get it Modded So I can Join the Modded FHZ Club, It will be my 1st Modded FHZ

Everyone has their Own Opinion and I Know That, But for some reason you always get Forum ToughGuys causing Arguments and then you have people being Rude and Saying Mean Things. I'm just Looking for some Good Quality Advise and Chatting, NO Arguing, No Disrespecting or saying Rude Mean Things. Just Your Whole Hearted Honest Opinion's.

Ok Now, lol. I have a nice Stock Neon Green w/Blue caps FHZ, I've removed one of the Response Stickers and added a Cleaned Dif-e-Yo Konkave bearing and it Plays Nice But and a BIG But, if it's Modded it Plays 100 % Better I've heard. So with that said, I would like to ask a couple questions and would Value everyones Honest Opinions as long as it's Legit and not someone's way of being a Smart Alec.

I Really Would Like to get my FHZ Sili Recessed, But I really like the way the SPR Kits for Lrg Bearings look in the FHZ's. They are..... how do the lil G's say it, They're Phat or Dope Looking, lol j/k. They are pretty Sweet looking, I guess what I'm looking for in Opinions are...

For a Great Unresponsive Player… :-\ What is Better? (In everyone’s own opinions)

-Keep the A Size KK and get a Single or Double Silicone Mod Job, plus the Sticker Lips Shaved Off?

-Should I get the Lrg Bearing SPR Kit Mod and get it with or with out the Schmoov Grooves? I really like how it looks

-Keep The A Size KK and get it Sili Recessed w/Schmoov Grooves?

-Get it Modded to take the A Size and the C Size SPR Kit for a switch out on the go and also with or with out Schmoov Grooves?

Now I Seem to always get C Size Throws, I have some A Sized which Play just as good and to be Honest, I really don't understand the difference between an A Size and C Size. Does the A bearing Spin Longer then or Does the C bearing Spin Faster? I mean I see that it would make the Gap Wider, I'm still learning and I try to Research what people won't answer or if it peaks my curiosity. So ALL of your Opinions will be Gratefully Appreciated, Thank You All ;D

A sized bearings give tighter binds at lower RPMs, so you can essentially play for longer spins. Honestly, one of my Favorite FHZ modders is Minus Mike, not sure if he is working at the moment, but a single side sili recess by him will go a long way.

PS: Still working on your review, expect it by wednesday. :wink:


Last option with no schmoove rings. They are pretty much useless. I prefer Large Bearing FHZ’s though

I agree with Q I have a minus miked throw and it’s one i play the most in my collection

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I’ve never played a large bearing one, but I love my double sili recessed one. the a size doesn’t really make much of a difference that I know of

I’ve modded at least 200 FHZ’s. I’ve done a LOT of different things to them All of which will make the yoyo play different. Myself, I prefer a dual sili recess with a bit of a highwall. Stock bearing too. Just cleans and lightly lube it. I’ve gotten 6 minute spins on one of them so it will spin with any metal. I also like blanking the caps. I do it on any FHZ that I buy.

Like I said, it all depends on what you like. Schmoove rings don’t really do much other than look cool. I wouldn’t worry about that. I also feel like the large bearing FHZ’s play good but I like the small bearing better.

I have a blue with yellow cap FH0 that is modded like this. dual silicone recess with blanked caps, with flowable silicone. Running the stock bearing (but out of a duncan parts kit). The yoyo plays much better and I like it a lot.

However, I don’t see spin times anywhere near 6 minutes. On a good throw I’ll get around 60 seconds.

I have to agree w/ Icthus, stock bearing all the way. Most like a duel sili recess but for myself, I like a single sili recess that is a tad wider than normal and 2 schmoove’s on the other side. As far as SPR kits, they can be hard to get your hands on sometimes. A good alternative are the Protostar/Die-Nasty spacers. I have a FHZ (pic below) that I modded to accept them and they work great for converting your FHZ to a C-bearing.

Are you actually using it for 5a or no? If you wanna use it for 5a, may i suggest keeping the small bearing, reason being is this gives way for a smaller pivot point while enacting counter-weight play. It gives a smaller travel distance around the bearing and allows for a more angular pivot to give way for slacks. It works it my head sorry if that sounded kinda dumb. Anyway, I have found that dual silli and a small bearing with center weight (something i came up with while shopping around) weight rings creates quite a beast of a little player. Or Single silli recess, Half pad, with a Terrapin X Beefcake plays insane!.

Also, I know this may sound silly but how do you blank the caps?

well part of the reason I want to get a dual Sili Recess is because I can get another FH0 and switch Halves to get 2 single Sili Recess FH0’s. Plus I think I do want to keep my A-Size KK in it any way, Because it plays pretty sweet except for the Surprise Snags. To many Close Calls on the Head Shots, lol.