Which modded FHZ should i go for?

Ok well, all fhzs come with brass spacers.

Just find an fhz you like and get it modded. If you’re not picky there are hundreds of premodded fhzs. All you really need is one pad recess. I like dual pad recess, i play it with one sticker then when it wears down i put a sticker in the other half. When that one wears down i replace the older one.

The gap can always be tinkered with later, but i think the spacer you want comes stock with fhz. Unless there is an even wider brass bearing that comes in that Spacer kit

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

So you want a solid regular FHZ and you want it to be unresponsive?

Just get one, clean the bearing, clean the spacers, and remove a sticker. Unresponsive! If you have it modded you will have to silicone it yourself and it costs more.

Yes, so was i told! Thankyou anyways. I think i’ve found my solution!