fhz mods

ive been moddin my 2 fhz and i want to see ur fhz mods not ur fh not ur fh2s or metal zeros just fhz mods

reshaped and sili recessed
lb using pgm spacers and sili recessed to fit k pads

that PGMv2 Large Bearing FHZero mod is exactly what ive been planning on doing. what diameter of bit did you use to bore out the spacer seat?

I know we are not supposed to post links to other retail yoyo sites but I found a site that sells Modzilla yoyos. They take Duncan yoyos and maybe some other brands, but especially the FH/FHZ line and mod them and sell them. You can buy them already recessed and silied. PM me for the site but I bet if you search Modzilla Yoyos in google you can find it quicker :wink:

Terribly sorry for the double post… I know its frowned upon but I waiting many minutes for the page to load after I tried to edit my original reply. Dunno where I got Modzilla lol maybe I was looking at my browser Mozilla (Firefox) but the company is actually The Modfather.

or bigpyoyos.com thats da modfathers site

I didnt use a drill bit since the tailstock on a wood lathe has too much play to mace that accurate of a hole so i enlarged the existing hole for the stock spacer. it didnt turn out very well so im gonna put in a lb born crucial spacer at some point

With your new taig lathe!
I can’t wait for crazy mods your going to do :slight_smile:

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Did this last night, sili recess with sticker lip removed (the black on near the recess on the left half is sharpie I didnt get off yet)