fhz modding kit


Ok so i wanted to get some feedback for a kit i might make. It would include the parts to make your fhz look like the one in the picture below. the kit would include a new bearing, o rings for added weight, and sciliconed mod spacers, i always hear that people want to mod there yoyo but they cant, this kit will let them.

thanks for your feedback.


(M.DeV1) #2

looks great! but how much would it cost? Cause people could do this themselves (although the weight rings might be a bit hard to find) if they really wanted to.


i think it would be about 10 to 12 dollars


Fat o-rings (3/16 thick) are readily available at your local hardware store in the appropriate size.


Yeah i think what i will do is tell people how to mod there fhz and sell them a kit if they can’t get the parts.

thanks for the feedback.



BTW - what are the spacers you use?


The ones that came with the mod spacers.