3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!


Sorry for jumping to conclusions. Thought you were some kid who wanted to ask some questions without properly researching it himself. Ill ask landon and get back to you.


Or Landon could answer the questions himself?


I found out.

These are dropping at 10pm Eastern on YYE. But they are also being released to other sites as well.


Do you know how many of each colorway are being released? Also does anyone have an idea of how long these will last?


Hey guys! The Al5 will be dropping at 10pm tonight!!!

As for how many of each colorway: approximately 25 Bead Blasted Clear, 25 Tumbled and Polished Clear, 20 Galactic Sky, and 20 Jupiter Splash.

Again, they’ll be priced at $85 so hurry and get one!


Just ordered one! Very excited.

Theres only 2 left each of the jupiter and galactic! Pick one up :slight_smile:


I got a Galactic Sky from Landon for the logo contest. But it plays so well I got a Jupiter Splash from YYE. If the blasted/polished ones don’t go fast, I’m going to get one of those too! ;D


I got one of the galactic sky! So excited! Can’t wait for it to get here. And are those the numbers that were sent to yoyoexpert?


No, YYE only got 5 of each i believe. There are still a bunch at YYC and other european sites…


Wow guys, I just have to say that the AL5 is a SPEED FREAK. It flys on the string and is pretty stable overall. I wouldn’t call this throw “floaty” by any means, but it is just so fast. Probably the best competition throw ever. The 8-ball bearing is aight, and I haven’t gotten great spin times on it, but i’ll have to experiment with other bearings. I can’t keep up with how this thing flies though, it is crazy. I am very pleased with this throw, and for only $85? What a steal! The glass container it comes in is awesome too, and the ano splash looks so good!


I’m so glad you guys are liking your Al5s!!! ;D

I’m thinking of doing something new and opinions are needed!!! Who would like to see an all aluminum kendama from 3YO3?? Seriously considering making a run of these! I personally think they’d be sweet! Aiming for a price of around $90 for them. I know it’s been done before, but from all I could find they were a LOT more expensive. What are your thoughts, concerns, etc??


Not into kendama but sounds cool.

Maybe a Acrylic 4a??? or Delrin.


Funny you should mention Delrin 4a!! I’ve actually already made one! It’s called AerDOS and it retails at $75.

The specs are as follows:
-Diameter: 73.45 mm
-Width: 48.82 mm
-Weight: 91.00 grams
-Bearing Size: C
-Gap Width: 3.00 mm
-Response: General-Yo thin Hat Pads (also accepts flowable silicone)





What about something in 7075, or some more Bass Lines :wink:

(themikedurdak) #195

That 4a throw looks amazing (a little heavy though). Are they dropping anywhere?


Aluminum kendama sounds cool :slight_smile: And what about that acrylic kendama I saw a picture of? Why don’t you make some of those? :wink:


Just a quick BUMP to let you guys know some new stuff is in the works. We’re definitely NOT dead over here!!

The aluminum Kendama’s are out too, I just never got the time to list them up on the website. Haha!




where can i get a gk?



Something else right around the bend–

BassLine V2, now with Side Effects!!! Coming VERY Soon :slight_smile: