3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!






Holy bad word! I can’t wait to get a Bassline with SE, so dope!


ahhaa best comment ever!!

Thank you guys!! SOON!!!



Nickel Bass Lines have come in, should be ready for sale very soon!! Also have the Bass Line signature SE on them, so you now know what those look like too :slight_smile:




Very Very Nice Landon.
What’s the weight ? & Price ?


Where are you selling.


Here are the specs:
Diameter: 56.40mm
Width: 41.18mm
Weight: 66.4 grams

Same as the original Bass Line :slight_smile:

They’ll be $110. So far they’ll be sold at my site and it’s looking like they’ll be sold here at YYE!! :slight_smile:


My body is ready.


If they are coming in those boxes I’ll say that 3yo3 has the bed packaging. Considering the Al5 Ti5 and possibly this.


Haha thanks! These are the boxes they’ll be coming in. We’ve been working hard to step up our game :slight_smile:


How much do the side effects weigh?


Right around 2.7g, both, with axle & orings :slight_smile:


I want it just for the box :o


Haha buy it for the box, love it for the SMOOTH sweet throw inside :wink:


I’m just sitting here waiting for more ti5…


I would have said the actual meme, with Spider-Man, but I didn’t want my post to get remove by a mod :wink: so I’ll just heavily imply and reference it to make sure people understand.


Hahaha good call :wink:


Landon, any news on the drop date for the Bass Lines ?


Unfortunately not at this time. We are currently still working on getting some sweet colorways going with a new anodizer, so hold tight! I promise it’ll be worth the wait :slight_smile: