3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!



Here’s a quick pic of one I just got from a new anodizer I’m trying out. Was a color/blast media sample. I’m happy w/ the out come, curious to see what he can do w/ splash!!! Finished yo’s coming SOON


Beautiful! Your work never ceases to amaze


Looking Good Landon. :smiley:

Can’t wait.


The Two Tone finish looks sweet.
I hope to see some great Splash Combo’s :slight_smile:

Cant wait for my Nickel Bass Line though.
It looks to be a great Player.


Thanks for the positive feedback! I can’t wait to get this awesome throw into all of your hands :slight_smile:


When can we expect another run of ti5’s? It’s the only ti YoYo worth owning that I don’t own yet.




Haha alright, I guess it’s time for an update!

The Bass Line 2s have made it to the anodizer, so hopefully I’ll have some sweet colorways to show you all very soon!!

As far as another run of Ti5s, stay tuned. I’d definitely love to do more Titanium :slight_smile:


This makes me happy in ways it shouldn’t :slight_smile:


So how about a Teflon coated Bassline?


Starting a savings account … Like right now lol


HAHA! We’re trying to keep everything as affordable as possible, so hopefully you won’t have to save TOO much :wink:

That’s definitely something we’ll be looking into! Sounds sweet!


How is the price looking for the Bass Line 2? Similar to the OG Bass Line?
I’d like to know so I can collect the money to buy it on release :slight_smile:


The original Bass Line sold for $90 and the Bass Line 2 will be released for $110, so they are pretty close in price! Plus the new Bass Lines have Side Effects!!! ;D


Will they be at BAC?


Unfortunately we will not have them at BAC :frowning:


I’ve got some exciting news for you all! I received my Bass Line 2s back from the anodizer tonight!!! ;D

What do you think of the new colorways??

Citrus Splash

Fresh Breath


High Roller

Midnight Avenger

Misty Dusk



Push Pop

Red October

Stormy Night


Which is your favorite??


What do I think?? Think I just got kicked in the teeth by these. BEAUTIFUL!!

Manufacturer 3yo3 everybody!!


Nickel is my favorite.


Citrus Splash is my favorite, followed closely by Misty Dusk.