3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!


WOOOW! I LOVE fresh breath!


They all look great! I have a raw one and it plays awesome!


I’m liking fuji and high roller. What would be the price difference for the splashed and unsplashed?


I’m more of a “NightHawk” or “Red October” kind of guy. Lovin them solid colors.

They ALL look fabulous Landon,… when and where are they going to be available to us?

Do Tell.


Su-33 and Fuji are beautiful.


They still need to go to the engraver, but that should be happening this week. Then it’s just packaging and getting them out to stores. So far they’ll be available on my site and I’m hoping here as well! The tentative release date will be June 13 (hopefully something good will actually happen on Friday the 13th haha)!!! ;D

They will all be $110 :slight_smile:


Nice! Ten dollars for an extra colour is stupid.


Actually it is totally justified. It costs quite a bit extra for multiple colors and splash anodizing. I just wanted this yoyo to be as budget friendly as possible, so I am eating the extra cost on these :slight_smile:


No offense Landon but I really wasn’t expecting much of the bassline 2. I don’t like organic throws so I didn’t think id be interested. But after seeing the pictures I must own it. You somehow managed to make a round yoyo look fresh. Can’t wait till these are available.


Haha thanks so much! No offense taken at all, everyone has their own style and preferences :slight_smile: I’m really glad you’re excited about this




Lots of manufactures charge extra for splashes, 3yo3 doesn’t.


No need for anyone to get upset lol. I have charged extra in the past, but for this yoyo I really felt that it would be best to keep the price as close to the original Bass Lines as possible. That was my main goal, so I ate the extra cost myself. Lots of other companies (myself included) can’t always do that, so it reflects in the extra cost of the yoyo :slight_smile:



I’ll just leave this here :wink:


omg that looks epic


Some of the best engraving I’ve ever seen.


Those look great Landon !!!

I’m not at all surprised considering your track record of producing some of the best YoYo’s available.

Speaking of available, when and where are we going to finally at long last, going to be able to get our hands on one of these beauties ?


Thanks guys!!! I’m really really pleased with how it turned out. Design was done by my good friend Troy Talbot. Here’s 2 more teasers for you all :slight_smile:



Stickman- we’ve FINALLY determined a release date!! It’s to be Friday, June 13th (gasp) at 8PM EST. We’ve boxed up a good bunch which are headed to YYE, so they’ll be for sale here, in addition to my website ;D

Be sure to like us on FB, at www.facebook.com/3yo3yoyos. “Rumor” has it there’s going to be a give away Bass Line 2 contest starting… soon?? :stuck_out_tongue:




Thanks Landon.

I look forward to buying, & throwing one.
They turned out absolutely awesome looking !!


Edit: Landon, Can you please post the specs ? … Please ?


Check out page 14 near the bottom