YYWS Official News


Looking to see what you guys want to see next. Here’s what we’re working on:

Another Sequel
A Bi-Metal
A looper

And some other cool stuff. What do YOU wanna see…?


(Amplified) #2

Omg so hype! When will these drop?


Yes. The green is strong with these throws :slight_smile:

(Rock Shouse) #4

Great! Look awesome…what are the spec’s on them? Weight? Width? Diameter? Etc?


Are the Halyards dropping at the same time as the Armaments?


This is a restock, so the specs are already listed here on YYE under our brand. Look it up in the shop section!


No sir, the Halyards are about a month away. :slight_smile:


What is the orange green blue fade called? Been a while since I’ve seen a fade I liked. :slight_smile:


Seth, it’s called Minefield. It’s 7075 and has a “M” masked on each half. See picture:


so many choices! ARGH, which to get… :-\


Decisions! Decisions! Seeiously though, they’re all great. You won’t regret your choice - whatever that may be!


If I chose not to get one, I would probably have some regret. :slight_smile:


All of these colorways look great.


Very exciting, and the color choices all look amazing! That Trim Party version looks especially sexy to me :slight_smile:

I have to admit that I don’t know much about YYW. Do you guys do all of the manufacturing in house or do you work with any other companies?


It doesn’t matter, just buy their yoyos.


It might matter to some of us. I for one prefer to support any type of products that are primarily manufactured in North America whenever possible. Trying to support more local jobs and economy and all that.


That m on the minefield looks similar to the logo of a certain American adjunct lager that I used to favor. Any story to it?


Everything is made in North America. Even the boxes are made in America (Texas to be specific)!


Haha - you’re not talking about Miller…are ya?


That is great to hear, thanks for clarifying that for me.

And yes, I also made the mental leap to Miller ;D