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Rosenberg: to fully answer your question…

Dave and I are HUGE Foo Fighters fans. It’s the same type face (font) that they use. :slight_smile:


Is there any difference is weight (or any specs for that matter) with the 7075 versions? I apologize if that is a dumb question, but I have never purchased a 7075 yo-yo before.


7075 aluminum is heavier than the normal 6061. I imagine it weighs more by about 2 grams or so, depending on the yoyo.


Zorro is right, the 7075 models weigh 66.8g


Yep, that’d be the one :). But I do see the foo fighters now. Just snagged one. Really looking forward to it. Haven’t picked up a new throw in a while. I told myself I had to sell some stuff off first (still will) but I didn’t want to miss this one


Awesome man - thanks a bunch!


Well, now it is just a waiting game for my new Armament to arrive in the mail :smiley:

I am very much looking forward to trying it out!


Very cool! Thanks!


Man, I through one of the new 7075 colorways at SEC. Those things were incredible. I didn’t buy one but they are now officially on my want list.


I concur after throwing my Minefield today. My favorite size and shape. I am not really into blindingly fast play, and this one suits me perfectly. Solid but not sluggish, stable, and the color way is unique. No complaints and now I only wish I could try 6061 also


Very cool! Thanks Paul!


Nice! Post some pics or a review! Thanks man!


So pretty! I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it yet but I will report back once I do, and hopefully I will manage to take some better pictures ;D


Somebody please write a review


Vic Bazaz wrote one several months ago in the “Reviews” section. Not sure if you’ve seen it - worth checking out!


Yes, Vic’s review is great and is one of the reasons I jumped on this run of the Armaments. I am hoping to do one myself soon but it will be a “Noob’s perspective” review since I am only about a year into my throwing journey :smiley:

So far so good though. This is my first V-type and is lighter than my usual throws (Civility and Downbeat being my mains at the moment), and the Armament thus far feels great even though I still need to get used to it. I love the rounded edges! They give the Armament a really comfortable feel while still giving the nice big catch zone of the V.

Still too early to tell but the Armament may take the throne as my favourite throw yet. More to come on that!

Even though it would have been a bit of an expensive order, I regret not buying one of the 7075s as well just to have both to compare.


Halyard Release Date: 12/10/15


Awesome! Any Von Booms?


Not this time. Next time for sure! Vic and I already confirmed.


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