The YYWS Armament: loving the speed!

Update, Oct 6: I have relocated my Armament review to my new yo-yo fansite, Cyyclical. You can find the full review here.

The Armament is a fantastic throw even though my skill level doesn’t yet make full use of its potential. Light, zippy, and comfortable in the hand with an amazing finish. I love it, so much so that I have purchased three of them in total.

Read the full Armament review here.


Great read!

Good pics too.

Great review.
I thought it was a bit long though.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes looking at it now I was probably too wordy. I suppose as my first time reviewing a yo-yo I was trying to be thorough, but it ended up more in the realm of overkill.

I enjoy writing and sometime I get carried away :smiley:

I will ensure that any future reviews I do are more streamlined!

Thanks SO much JT! We appreciate it - great review!

Happy to help. I look forward to doing a write up for the Halyard someday :slight_smile:


I have one B-Grade 7075 lying around. Interested? (A bit of vibe as the two halves are not the exact same weight. Total weight is 66.1g - Perfect ano and finish…see picture).

Hi Wayne…I sent you an email.