YoYo WorkShop - The Armament (Second Run 6061 & 7075)


Wayne and David are back at it with a second batch of Armaments, available in early March. Below are the specs and several pictures. Enjoy!

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The Armament is FAST. The Armament is BALANCED. The Armament is STABLE.


Diameter: 55mm
Width: 42mm
Gap Width: 4.17mm
Weight: 64.5g (66.3g for 7075)
Bearing: Custom YoYoExpert 10-Ball Concave Bearing
Response: Custom YYWS 21mm Electric Blue Pads


More Pictures:


that gunpowders got me lookin for a black bearing. would be so killer.


Them colors :o I must have one !!


Where can we get these?


I’m not permitted to say on here, as that’s part of the rules - but you can go to our IG account…which is listed in the original post. Thanks!


Bummer, most of the 7075 are gone.


Yeah. Still a Dit Dots and a bunch of 6061’s though! :slight_smile:


A few more pictures:




ooh those look nice! good job on the packaging too!!!